Coming soon 2018-2020

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In 2018, we launched the UKs first anti-stigma clothing and accessories awareness brand. We have been slowly developing the site with lots of plans for new ranges of clothing. Our hope is to make Whatlabel profitable so we can fund not only AMHA and its future development, but also donate to other worthwhile mental health charities and projects.

The Neurodiversity Foundation

We are working on a big project that will see AMHA become part of a larger non-profit organisation we are building from the ground up that will be dedicated to improving the lives of those with disabilities, mental health and Autism. We are still in the early stages at this moment but we are hoping by the end of 2018 to have a full fledge charity setup so we can expand AMHA and begin building new projects which we have in mind for the local buckinghamshire community.

NEW | Guest Content

NOW LIVE We have expanded opportunities for the autism and mental health community to blog and share their stories. This area is specifically designed to allow one-off content of any type to be shared and raise awareness without the need to signup to become a regular contributor. Get in touch if your interested.