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Dr P

Due to the nature of some of the topics i wish to discuss, i dont feel brave enough to reveal my real name, so i have chosen an alias which has sentimental value to me. DR P.


I am from the UK, im 18 years old and i am currently starting college. I have a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, along with high functioning Anxiety, hyper-sensory overload, OCD and struggling with an addiction which i will be discussing in more detail at a later time. I have been described as having comorbid conditions which have their own distinct stigma attached which i have endured throughout my life from both school friends, adults and professionals. 

Along with the above conditions, i also wish to discuss managing loneliness and anger, aswell as trying to comprehend having being diagnosed with Autism. I am looking forward to working with Sonny and AMHA to raise awareness to very difficult topics that should be openly discuss and understood especially since mental health applies to us all just like having a physical illness like cancer, or a broken leg etc..

Dr P.

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