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I contribute Films and Blog about: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Postnatal Depression and Trauma,

Related Conditions: AgoraphobiaBody Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Eating DisordersPanic Disorder.

Louise Bown

My name is Louise, I am 20 years old and I hate butter on my sandwiches. You have no idea. Seriously. I can eat bread and butter just fine, even buttered toast. But when it comes to butter on sandwiches I just can't. Oh and I also have Anxiety and Depression. Potentially PTSD too but, you see, I haven’t got a piece of paper to say that I have it. So I can’t really say that I do, can I? I mean it’s quite funny really, when I look at the so called ‘check list’ I definitely tick the majority of the boxes. But I’m not a professional so I can’t diagnose myself. PTSD has recently showed it’s face after going through trauma. Anxiety and Depression on the other hand have been in my life for quite a long time (haha ‘Anxiety and Depression’ makes them sound like a troublesome duo don’t you think? Like Tweedledum and Tweedledee).​


When I was born my mom was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression (fully understandable considering the circumstances). My mom had a condition known known as Cholestasis, she didn’t know this until she went in for a checkup, which meant I needed to be born ASAP. Imagine this: going in for a check-up; relishing the final few (5 to be exact) weeks of peace until you have to look after a human; slightly nervous but knowing that you have a bit more time to prepare - only to be told that that wasn’t going to be the case and that you were going to leave your so-called ‘checkup’ with said human. You can’t because it’s absolutely terrifying. So the aftermath is completely plausible. Doesn’t mean it didn’t affect me though. It was definitely the catalyst for my mental health issues. Growing up without an emotional connection to those closest to you affected my ability to form close relationships with others - and I suppose it still does.


Please note that I am in no way shape or form trying to insinuate that children whose parents experience some form of Postnatal Depression will end up like me. This is merely my story.

So, why do I want to blog with AMHA? Well why not is my answer to that. I've always been really enthusiastic about writing, especially when it comes to my personal experiences (where better to hear something than from the horse's mouth aye?). Mental health has always been something which I am incredibly particularly passionate about, not only because it contributes to my day-to-day life, but also because the stigma which still exists surrounding Mental Health baffles me - I mean its the 21st Century cmon people! Also, AMHA seems right up my street (don't you think their website is ace?!). Working with a wonderful organisation whilst also doing something that I love really is a no brainer for me.


I just can't believe I'm doing this in all honesty - it's so cool!

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